Dr. Langan’s incisive critique of the Medscape shill article is right on target. PHPs with their denial of due process and prearranged diagnoses at “preferred treatment centers” need investigation not only for validating the stated efficacy of their methodology, thy need objective investigation for their pervasive abuse of power and violation of law.

  Disrupted Physician

How Impaired Physicians Can be Helped–Medscape Business of Medicine Article Published February 24, 2015. Click on image to access

How can impaired Physicians be helped?

1.   Impairment among physicians is growing:  Why?  

Answer:  It is not.   State Physician Health Programs (PHPs) are “diagnosing” impairment when there is no impairment.  They are pathologizing the normal and expanding in scope to increase the grand scale of the hunt.

2.  What’s the Prognosis for Impaired Physicians?

Answer:  Not Good.  This is a system of Institutional Injustice and needs to be acknowledged as a major contributor the the marked increase in suicides.  Those who do need help (the truly impaired) are not getting the right treatment and treatment is forced on those who do not need it.

3.  Is your knowledge of physician impairment up-to-date?  

Answer:   No.  This will only occur after an evidence-based Cochrane type review that separates information from…