Now, don’t let this get you too unsettled.

Remember that S. Korean ferry disaster that occurred because there was lax (non-existent – and probably bribed) oversight of the safety operations of the ferry’s capacity? Same thing exists here in NC with every one of its licensing boards.

The VERY SAME thing. The situation is so bad that even the Legislature and the Attorney General can’t even agree on how many boards and commissions there are – so, does that give you an idea of oversight? Is ANYONE minding the minders?

The intrepid auditor’s office, under the direction of Ms. Beth Wood, conducted a financial audit of all state boards and commissions at the behest of the NC Legislature’s Program Evaluation Oversight Committee. What was found will shock you, especially if you’re a licensee.

NC Auditor report on Licensing Boards

If one were to read between the lines, it would say that every one of these licensing boards is a menace to society and a danger to licensed professionals under their jurisdiction. Why? Because they operate like tin-pot dictatorships, claiming their finances are independent of the state treasury, and have utterly no financial or procedural oversight or accountability.

Hopefully that will be changing with Auditor Wood’s analysis. (And Bravo! to her and her investigative teams for having the chutzpah to dare to challenge the powers-that-be! I would imagine she’s taken quite a bit of heat from the Governor, the AG, the legislature and especially the medical board. Who in the world do they report to? They, and the NC Medical Society and NCPHP’s own Board of Directors were explicitly charged with such oversight of NCPHP and were documented to have failed entirely in executing this vital role.)

Meanwhile, licensees and citizens, brace yourself for complete anarchy. There is no higher authority to which to appeal, apart from the biased and deranged administrative judicial courts who are documented to have violated due process nearly invariably in favor the the licensing board to which it is attached. If you’re a citizen, you’re not protected from inept practitioners. If you’re a licensed professional, you could easily be singled out as a “problem” at someone’s whim (“s/he’s a problem – get rid of them”) and have your career annihilated – and go bankrupt in the process using “professional license defense” lawyers who know full well the entire process is rigged.

And there’s not a damned thing you can do about it. Because, through now, the Governor, the Attorney General and the legislature have all been presuming that someone’s at the helm. It’s like a three stooges skit, one pointing at the other. And that all the complaints they’ve been getting are just a bunch of whiners, because … well, because the system works, doesn’t it? Well, … yes … until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t … it’s a disaster.